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one bag one bottle campaign

Living sustainably can be confusing. There's a lot of misinformation floating around propagated by large companies. The One Bag One Bottle Campaign aims to help clear things up a little. One main focus of the site is that people are buying excessive amounts of reusable goods, specifically water bottles and tote bags, negating any actual resource saving.

1B/1B is designed as a mobile-first website. In this site users can learn about the concept of green capitalism and how that is seen in the "environmental" goods being advertised to them. After the landing page's overview of the issue users are guided to the pledge page, where they can pledge to not buy more reusable products until they actually need new ones. From there they can navigate to more learning resources of environmental issues and debate and also access pages that have a guide about the different materials used in reusable products and their longevity and impact.

The book below covers branding guidelines for organization as well as various wireframe pages of the site. The physical book has the reader change its orientation halfway through - this version is divided into two slideshows so no one has to turn their computer sideways.

Fall 2017.

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