Camp Watitoh

Camp Watitoh is a residential camp in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. The arts specialists are responsible for planning and leading activity sessions with the campers as well as a variety of other arts odd-jobs around the camp. Three of these odd jobs that I took lead on were the Vegas Night bills, Girl's Camp Staff shirt, and Ceramics log article.

Summer 2018.



A favorite evening activity of the camp is Vegas Night. The kids gamble at various stations, can get married, and even go to marriage counseling and get divorced. One of the traditions of the event is the money, designed new each Summer featuring campers and other well-known camp figures.


The shirt is for all staff involved in the girls' side of camp. In the middle is the girls head counselor's cabin, which also served as a headquarters, and besides it are two camper cabins. On the right is the camp flagpole, and on the left is a roundabout nicknamed the "Vomit Wheel."


Every year the camp produces a log of the Summer, and as the Ceramics Specialist I was asked to contribute a page summarizing my time teaching Ceramics. The page, titled "Welcome to Ceramics!", covers all the things I found myself saying the most in studio. Also in it is a small collection of some of the pieces the campers made that Summer.