Carousel of Languages

I currently work as the Head of Design at Carousel of Languages, a foreign language learning program in Manhattan’s upper east side. I work closely with the administrative and curriculum teams to develop products, teaching materials, and corporate / marketing materials.

October 2018 – Present


Product Design

I work directly with the company’s CEO and marketing team to create products for promotional and classroom use.

Pictured here are bag designs, coloring books, bear keychains, board books, and kaleidoscopes.

Other items designed but not pictured are clocks, company pens, canvas bags, baseball caps, polo shirts, teacher aprons, membership cards, napkins, and stickers.



Teaching Materials

I work closely with the curriculum team to create educational worksheets, games, and activities in 11 languages, as well as other classroom materials.

Photographed are a matching/memory/bingo game, vocabulary sheets, “Logical Thinking” activity book, emotion props, velcro activities, coloring pages, song lyric sheets and props, and culture pages and activities.

As the company its first second location in Shenzhen, China I also reformatted all teaching materials into A4 paper sizes. In this transition I updated our designs and created rich templates for all materials.



corporate / marketing Materials

While most of our teaching materials are designed without text, all our corporate and marketing materials in Shenzhen are designed in both English and Mandarin.

I have developed a series of company brochures for both NYC and Shenzhen locations. I also work with our Writer and Social Media Coordinator to create email campaigns and tiles for Instagram posts.

Pictured is a company brochure, staff and teacher name tags, informational flyers/posters, procedural forms, an email campaign, and Carousel’s Instagram.


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