Cursed is a product distributed by Coven Co, a witchcraft company. It is a series of bottled curses for the casual witch to use as they please. Each bottle has a specific curse it casts that will last between three and four days, such as Constant Mascara Smudge, Perpetually Uncharged Phone, and Unceasingly Greasy Hair.


Spring 2017.




An event hosted by Coven Co. While Cursed is a product for the general public, Alimancy is an exclusive, invite-only event to explore the practice of food divination. The word itself is created from the latin "Alim," deriving from words about food and nourishment and the suffix "-mancy," meaning divination by specified means.

Within each envelope is an invitation and pass for entry. There are two types of invitation – engraved, for VIP attendees and hosts, and black printed for general attendees. The icon represents the practice of Alimancy, using the moon to show passage of time. The right, white moon is the beginning of the art, the middle silver is the development, and the gold is the present and future. This right-to-left model draws from Hebrew texts often referenced in witchcraft. 

Each different color, with the exception of text, is cut and layered together. This creates the sharp, graphic look while referencing traditional paper craft.

Spring 2017.


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